Farzaneh Mohamadi

Farzaneh Mohamadi

Fitness & Basketball Coach

Age: 37
Experience: 10 years
Specialization: Self-Defense

Linked in: Farzaneh Mohamadi

About Me

Since the time that the world around her made sense for her, she started basketball on the streets of her city up towards mini, kids, teens and school competitions and then regional, province and finally state championship of school basketball, Farzaneh Mohamadi followed the sport and won different titles and was always in love with basketball and she and her sport were inseparable. In times when girls were not allowed to play basketball at all in plain sight, she was a pioneer in doing so.

Commencing professional career:

Farzaneh Mohamadi began her club competitions in Sanandaj Shahrdari (Municipality) Club in the state league competitions. She played most of the years for her city clubs (almost 15 years since high school) and it was a time where there were only six teams as leading teams in the league and Sanandaj was one of them. They won a 3rd place and a 4th place during this era and the games system was home and away so she had to travel a lot for this reason. With no reasonable contract and only for the love of the game, she continued like this and played basketball.


Fitness 90%
Basketball 95%
Muay Thai 53%
Self-Defense 75%
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