Jamal Madani

Jamal Madani

Muay Thai Fighter

Age: 34
Experience: 14 years
Specialization: Fighter

About Me

My name is Jamal Madani. Due to the status of sports in the city, I was born, especially martial arts, and since my family is fortunately a sportive family, I was an apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. I have always loved sports and especially kickboxing and Muay Thai and I am considered one of the top-rated athletes in the country. After several years of competitions and tireless endeavor in my career as a professional fighter, I have deliberately chosen to train people who are interested in the sport of all different ages. I have faith in what we do and hope to continue my career as a coach a lead teams on international stages.


Muay Thai 90%
UFC 85%
KickBoxing 83%
Self-Defense 81%
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