Mehdi Hosseini

Mehdi Hosseini

Business Development Manager

Age: 37
Experience: 6 years
Specialization: Business Development Manager

About Me

As a Muay Thai Coach and formerly an athlete in the very field, I believe human being of 21st century needs a sport, preferably a martial art as a hobby for their body and soul. What we lack in the stockpile of everyday to-do tasks is concentration and with a martial sport which has the essence of ancient eastern martial arts philosophy in it, along with the effectiveness of the techniques, Muay Thai is a perfect option to consider.
Therefore, I after giving up on wrestling which I practiced for 4 years, I started Muay Thai under the supervision of great athletes in this field. Now, as a Business Development Manager at Kejwanco, besides the fact that I really enjoy my job there, but I can’t wait to get back home and go to the gym. Join us to give you the experience of being truly self-confident and keeping your stress level down besides many other psychological and health benefits.


Muay Thai 90%
KickBoxing 75%
Self-Defence 53%
Wrestling 61%
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